Delivery Services
You'll quickly find that we're remarkably flexible when it comes to scheduling your service. In fact, you can customize your own pick-up and delivery schedule, since a valet driver is regularly in your neighborhood.
One feature of our FREE pick-up and delivery service that you'll quickly come to appreciate is that you don't need to be home for pick-up or delivery. The valet driver simply picks up and delivers your laundry at the location you choose at your home:
Front door
Back door
Inside your garage
If you have a keypad entry system for your garage door, you can provide secure access to your garage simply by sharing your code with your valet driver.
Just call us at 810-648-2310 and we'll give you the details.
With the help of our concierge team you’ll be able to customize your pick-up and delivery schedule. The number of days per week that you would like the valet driver to pick up and deliver your laundry, and your preferred pick-up time, are just some of the options.
Now you only have to sort between what you want "cleaned," and what you want "cleaned and pressed", after that, we sort your garments into 35 different categories for best results to maintain color sharpness!
And that's not all. Your laundry will benefit from our unique Sanitone stain removal processes, fuzz removal as well as dye bleeding and shrinkage control. Then it's returned to you sorted by family member, so all you have to do is put it away.
Your most delicate items are given the most care. We will provide a separate washable, mesh bag for intimate apparel to ensure your personal items remain personal.
Once treated, your clothes are returned to you in just a few days, refreshed and ready to wear. In addition, we strive to make your job easier once the laundry is returned home to you. Therefore, we fold and separate each load of laundry into distinct groupings according to family members. In the end, we hope all you need to do is put them on or put them away.
and you would like to try our service simply fill out the name and address section on the plastic bag and leave it on your front porch this Saturday before noon, we will pick-up and deliver your clothes back to you in just a few days. Not interested?, simply leave the empty bag and doorhanger, and we will collect them this Saturday as well.
Our Shirt Service: provides special care to all your laundered shirts. Platinum is an enzyme based detergent that allows lower wash temperatures, which ensures your shirts keep their color longer. After we professionally press and hand touch-up each shirt, we ensure that there are no loose or cracked buttons. We will replace any button at no additional cost. We guarantee that your shirts will come back looking, feeling, and smelling their very best.
Shirt $1.95 standard Folded $1.00 more
This eliminates the hassle of finding time to do the laundry. Pre-treating, sorting, washing, drying and folding can take hours of your time each week.
$1.00 per lb.  -   $15 minimum
General Terms & Conditions
Eastgate Cleaners provides dry cleaning, laundry, shoe and leather care services. We process your account in accordance with your Client Profile. The following Terms and Conditions are an integral part of your Client Profile and we will adhere to them. We also reserve the right to change these Terms and Conditions and our prices for the services upon notification to you.
Client Profile: The information contained in the Client Profile will only be used by Eastgate Cleaners in the regular course of providing services to you. We do not sell, or provide to third parties our client lists or any personal information in the Client Profile.  You may access and amend the information in your Client Profile at any time by calling the Concierge Team at 810-648-2310. The Client Profile enables us to better serve you by (1) processing your items in accordance with your preferences; (2) contacting you about garment problems; (3) mailing to you special promotional materials and (4) processing your credit cards.
Delivery Service: As a client of Eastgate Cleaners, you will receive pick up and delivery of garments and shoes as often as you would like. For free pickup and delivery, your order should total a minimum of Twenty Dollars ($20) per week. Your garments and shoes will be picked up and delivered in accordance with your instructions in your Client Profile. All pickups will occur between the hours of 7:00 a.m. & 4:00 p.m. on the day scheduled. The driver valet will leave a receipt verifying the pickup.
Unattended Service Disclaimer: We will assume no liability for stolen, lost or damaged garments left at your specified location. It is the responsibility of our clients to ensure a secure environment for pick up and delivery of all items. You may choose our secure "garage delivery system" to maintain the integrity and safety of your garments.
Delivery Days: No pick-up or delivery service will be provided on Sundays and on holidays on which we are closed, including: New Year's Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, the week of July 4th, and the third week in February. We will always forward advance notice of any changes on service days.
Nylon Bags and other Protective Packaging: We will provide reusable garment and shoe bags, and other protective packaging and bag tags free of charge to our clients to ensure the highest level of quality care for your garments during transport. All reusable packaging remains the property of Eastgate Cleaners and must be returned to us if you are no longer a client. Should you choose to keep any reusable packaging item, we will charge you in accordance with our packaging price list, a copy of which is available on request.
Garment Identification and Inventory: We identify each garment through our discreet tagging system to ensure each garment is cared for and returned to you as requested. To keep track of your items, we can also provide you with inventory sheets if you so desire. To the extent you choose to utilize inventory sheets, we will promptly notify you of any discrepancy. If you do not use an inventory sheet, the invoice, as completed by us, will constitute your complete order.
Garment Care: To protect your garments, we follow the Care Label Instructions on each item we process. To the extent you desire not to have the Care Label Instructions followed, a "Garment Release" is required and you assume all liability for the garment. If a Care Label is missing or has been removed from the garment, we will process the garment in accordance with guidelines for that type of garment established by the International FabriCare Institute. We accept no liability for garments that have missing or removed Care Labels.
Re-Cleaning: The system is set up to deliver meticulous care for all of your fabrics. If you are not happy with the service for any reason, we will re-launder your garments without charge or refund your money.
Personal Items: Please check all your garments for money, jewelry or other valuables. If we find any valuables in your garments, we will make every effort to return them to you but we cannot be held liable for the loss of any such articles sent to us.
Payment: Full payment is due on completion of the service and will be charged to your credit card as detailed in your Client Profile.
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